15 February 2010

Happy Hallmark Holidays

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, a fact that I only just remembered today when I found a small bag on my bedside table and said to myself, "Er...WTF is this?" It was, of course, the card I had gotten for M. And neglected to give to him.

It's one of those "holidays" that I have never cared for or gotten excited over and would probably forget altogether if it weren't for the relentless and endless hearts fluffies displays that are vomited up all over stores just after the New Year. Even A got into the magic this year, pointing out every single heart in every single storefront window as we walked the neighborhood.

Yet, between going to see friends who have moved yesterday morning (and were in town for a brief moment) and then driving two hours north to pick up A from her friend's house...it just wasn't a blip on my "Things to Remember to Do Today" radar. I figure that remembering my child and all of her gear was enough remembering for at least two days.

So, there was no romantic dinner finished with pink mousse served in heart shaped cups; no pig outs on cookies or heart shaped candies; no commercial moments wherein I am surprised by a diamond of any sort or a new Lexus in the driveway. Today, there is no leftover heart shaped confetti and there are no wilting roses gracing the dining room table.

For all of that, I am, in fact, eternally grateful. I do not relish the day when I'll be tasked to purchase a box full of valentines for school or (God forbid) have to wipe away tears because Little Susie got more Valentine's Day cards than A did. In fact, I wish that I never had to explain the meaning of the holiday to A, period. Because it has none.

For the record: No. I have never had a horrible Valentine's Day or been dumped or given rotten chocolates. Maybe I'm not a romatic (well, no. I am definitely not a romantic) or maybe I'm just a grump, but this is one holiday that, if it were stricken from the calendar tomorrow, would probably merit a party at my place.

How about you? Do you love little, Hallmark Holidays like this one or could you not care less if paid?


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